Each year, 75 million people in the United States avoid visiting a dentist because of fear and anxiety. They miss the routine care that can prevent more serious dental issues. The solution is sedation dentistry.

Sedation Denistry in Glen Carbon, IL

Kellerman Dental is a premier clinic that offers sedation dentistry for patients who need special care. This include fear of dentists, sensitive gums or teeth, low tolerance of pain, gag reflexes, or any other conditions that make our patients feel uncomfortable during any practices. Sedation is also an important tool we use for standard procedures that are absolutely necessary for clients to be unconscious until finished. We offer comfortable seating and gentle care at all times with our dental specialists, however, you may request sedation at any time at your leisure.

Serving surrounding areas of Glen Carbon, IL, including Edwardsville and Collinsville. Contact us to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our clinic, services, and procedures we offer.

What is sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is the use of safe and commonly prescribed medications to take away the anxiety many people face and make them more comfortable for dental care. Reluctant patients are less likely to neglect necessary treatments. Sedation dentistry can be used on all dental procedures from cleanings to more complicated treatments. It is suitable for patients of all ages who are in good general health.

Sedation is useful for patients who have:

+ Fear of dentists or dental work

+ An excessive gag reflex

+ A low pain threshold

+ Difficulty sitting still in a dentist's chair

+ Very sensitive teeth

+ Need for a lengthy procedure such as wisdom teeth removal or dental implants

Important Information About Sedating Patients

We take great pride in the work we do. This includes all aspects of proper treatment, care, and procedures when performing any type of dental service for our clients. When sedating patients it's important that proper use is given when rendering a patient unconscious. That's why our clinic has been licensed and trained under strict protocols that are regulated through the authoritative channels. We are 100% certified in sedation dentistry with a high customer satisfaction rating in how we treat our clients. To learn more about us meet our team and get to know the friendly faces that will serving you, and all your dental needs.

At Kellerman Dental, our team is committed to providing the best and most comprehensive dental care available. We combine clinical excellence with unmatched customer service to provide the best experience for our patients.