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Is Sleep Apnea Something 

My Dentist Can Help With?​

YES! Sleep Disordered Breathing (sometimes Sleep Apnea) is quite common, and we can help.
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Sleep Apnea

Proven Dental Solutions for Snoring & Sleep Disordered Breathing

Helping Glen Carbon & Edwardsville get a good night’s sleep since 2006!

Is Poor Sleep Leaving You Worn Out?

Sleep Disordered Breathing and Apnea impacts millions of Americans, and it's potentially life threatening, being associated with higher risks of strokes and heart attacks.

While you sleep, an apnea occurs when breathing stops for ten seconds or more placing significant strain on your cardiovascular system and heart.

These disturbances during sleep prevent air from reaching your lungs!

Sleep Apnea or snoring treatment may include Oral Appliance Therapy. Oral Appliance Therapy is a device specially designed to reposition the jaw and tongue forward during sleep, thus expanding the airway for easier flow. Many people find this to be the most comfortable method of treating their Snoring or Obstructive Sleep.

You can get relief from Sleep Apnea WITHOUT bulky, invasive CPAP machines - we'd love to show you how.​

Here are two major categories of devices (let us help you choose the best approach for you):

Mandibular advancement devices (MADs)


Tongue Retaining

Pros of Dental Devices

    • Many patients find dental devices to be more comfortable and tolerable to wear as opposed to CPAP masks.
    • Patients on CPAP often complain of dry, itchy noses from the air pressure drying out their sinuses. Oral devices do not have this problem.
    • There is less equipment to become entangled with during sleep, or knock off during slumber, for patients who are active movers during sleep.
    • There is a lot less equipment involved, and therefore it's easier to travel with your dental device.

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Sleep Apnea