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Kellerman Dental’s Commitment to Keeping You Safe & Healthy

Our team has always been focused taking a holistic view regarding the health of our patients – beyond standard dental care.

As we return to seeing patients for regular services in our office, we want to share how this commitment is reflected in our preparations to provide the best possible care while COVID-19 remains a concern in our community.

As a baseline, we are following all best practices recommended by the American Dental Association (ADA). This is our primary professional organization, and they provide valuable guidance on safety protocols.

Check-in Process

We want to highlight some specific measures that you’ll experience on your next visit. For starters, our check-in process will be modified as follows:

  • Please wait in your car in our parking lot. When you arrive, please call us at 618-288-3535.
  • A business assistant will come out to your car and take your temperature. They will then bring you into the office.
  • Please wear a mask or face covering over your mouth and nose when entering the building.
  • No extra family members will be permitted at an appointment. Only one parent or guardian per family is allowed for a child’s visit.

These procedures will minimize the number of people in our waiting area while ensuring to the best of our ability that all visitors are feeling healthy.

In-Office Safety Enhancements

We have invested in some new safety equipment, and we were already using some extra special processes that we wanted to highlight:

  • Installation of a Green Air Pro HEPA Alpine Air Purifier Ozone Generator to help filter and purify the air in the office on an ongoing basis
  • Continuing the use of Isolite by Zyris in each treatment suite, which was already a standard practice in our office.  In conjunction with our suction system, we are able to eliminate airborne dental aerosols by over 90%. 
  • Providing extensive hand sanitizer throughout the office, as well as antimicrobial soap in all restrooms and all patient treatment rooms.

Enhanced PPE for All Clinical Staff

Every staff member that assists in your treatment has been trained on all ADA best practices. Also, in conjunction with our current Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), our clinical team will also be equipped with the following:

  • Disposable full-body gowns
  • Surgical hair caps
  • Op-D-Op full face shields
  • ASTM Level 3 Masks and N95 masks

As always, we are here to answer any questions you may have regarding the safety measures we are implementing.  We also encourage you to ask one of our team members for a tour of our state-of-the-art sterilization area.

We are here to serve you and value any feedback or questions you may have.  We will be continually updating you if/when any additional changes are implemented.