June 18, 2018
Dental Headaches

Oh My Aching Head! Your Headaches Could Be a Dental Problem

If you or a family member suffer from recurring headaches, you know how painful and disruptive it can be to your life. But did you know […]
May 14, 2018
summer family wellness

School’s Out! 5 Family Wellness Tips for a Healthy Summer

When seasons change from spring to summer, and especially when the final bell of the school year rings, it’s time to focus on fun and family […]
February 24, 2018

How to Floss Your Teeth for a Healthy Beautiful Smile [Video]

You probably know that flossing is important to keep your teeth and gums healthy.  But there’s more to the story that we’re excited to share. Do […]
July 14, 2017

Glen Carbon Dentist

Diabetes and oral health in Glen Carbon If you have diabetes, there are certain things that you should be aware of in order to protect your […]