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Sleep apnea dentistry in Glen Carbon

Glen Carbon sleep apnea

Glen Carbon sleep apnea

If you have been told that you snore loudly at night, and do not feel as though you have had a restful night’s sleep when you get up in the morning, you may be having problems with sleep apnea. At Kellerman Dental, our expert dentist, Dr. Kellerman, can provide you with Glen Carbon sleep apnea dentistry treatment.

Glen Carbon sleep apnea is a very common sleep problem. It affects many people, but nonetheless it is a very serious problem and can be life-threatening. Sleep apnea is associated with higher risks of strokes and heart attacks. When a patient has sleep apnea, they are often heard to be snoring, and then gasping for air many times during the night. During this time period, the person is actually stopping breathing for a period of several seconds. However, when people wake up in the morning they do not remember that this happened. These episodes of stopping breathing can place significant strain on your cardiovascular system. These sleep disturbances are very serious because they keep air from reaching your lungs. If you have sleep apnea, you may feel tired throughout the day, and even suffer with headaches or poor concentration. You may also be extremely irritable. At our dental practice, our dentist can provide sleep apnea treatment which can be an oral appliance. Oral appliance therapy is used to reposition the jaw and tongue, keeping it forward while you sleep. This allows the airway to become expanded so that airflow can continue, and you no longer have episodes of not breathing. This sleep appliance is also extremely comfortable. It is worn in much the same way that a mouth guard would be worn. It is also very portable, and easy to take care of. With this sleep apnea appliance, you most likely have excellent compliance since it is so easy to wear and get used to.

For an appointment to meet with our dentist for treatment of your Glen Carbon sleep apnea, simply contact us today.

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